Livros Internacionais

Esta seção apresenta uma lista de livros sobre Gestalt-terapia em diversos idiomas que não o português. As obras completas não serão disponibilizadas para download neste site.

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Gestalt-terapia ao redor do mundo
Psicoterapia de la Gestalt: Hermenéutica y clínica

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb

Enfermedad, sintoma y carácter: Diálogos gestálticos con el cuerpo
Adriana (Nana) Schnake
Entrenamiento en Gestalt: Manual para terapeutas y coordinadores sociales
Eduardo Carabelli

Idioma inglês

Gestalt Therapy: Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality
Paul Goodman, Ralph F. Hefferline & Frederick S. Perls
Brieft Gestalt Therapy
Gaie Houston

Gestalt Therapy: 100 Key Points & Techniques
Dave Mann
Gestalt Therapy: Around The World
Eleanor O'Leary
Skills in Gestalt: Counselling & Psychotherapy
(2010 - 2ª edição)
Phil Hoyce & CHarlotte Sills
Gestalt Therapy: Therapy of Situation
Georges Wollants
Awareness: Exploring, Experimenting, Experiencing
John O. Stevens
Dreams and Nightmares: A Book of Gestalt Therapy Sessions
Jack Downing
Embodied Gestalt Practice: Selected Papers of Edward W. L. Smith
Edward W. L. Smith
Gestalt Voices
Edward W. L. Smith
Every Person's Life is Worth a Novel
Erving Polster
Living at the Boundary:
Collected Works of Laura Perls
Laura Perls
Nature Heals: The Psychological Essays of Paul Goodman
Paul Goodman
A Population of Selves: A Therapeutic Exploration of Personal Diversity
Erving Polster
Sexual Aliveness: A Reichian Gestalt Perspective
Edward W. L. Smith
Teaching a Paranoid to Flirt: The Poetics of Gestalt Therapy
Michael Vincent Miller
Our Search for Meaning: Essays on Spirituality and Gestalt Therapy
Brian O'Neil
The Gestalt Field Perspective: Methodology and Practice
Seán Gaffney & Brian O'Neil
Object Relations on Gestalt Therapy
Gilles Deslile